Fall Transition

Fall is here which means the markets have started to slow down and some have gone on hiatus for a few weeks to regroup. I’m always sad when my nearby summer market closes and I’m forced to trek much further on a Saturday to a new market. Once my market closes in early October I see that as the official end to summer no matter what the weather is doing. I find myself wanting to hunker down indoors more and eat lots and lots of soup. It warms the soul, doesn’t it?

If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering where do I get my local produce when the markets are on pause? While not all produce may be from Vancouver, most grocery stores will label where their produce is from. I choose LOCAL and fell confident I am getting good fresh produce. I would prefer to buy directly from the farmer but local in a grocery store is second best.

Another great tip I recently learned about eggs is to always buy pastured eggs. Pastured means the hens roam freely and graze on grass and bugs not corn and grains. Chickens are meant to eat plants not feed. Free range or organic eggs are still fed feed which is often full of GMO corn and soy which ain’t good even if it’s organic. I thought I was buying pastured eggs at the market before but then I learned they were just SPCA certified which means the hens are treated humanly. Which is important but their diet is important too! Then I found pastured eggs and they tasted COMPLETELY different. Pastured eggs are quite hard to find and expensive (~$7.50 a dozen) but just ask the farmers and make sure you get a clear answer (my first mistake). You may find them in grocery stores too although I have not.

Now I’m patiently waiting for my winter market to open! 🙂


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