Hi everyone! Hope you all had a restful and relaxing winter. Now that it’s springtime I feel like I’m coming back to life. Last night it didn’t get dark in Vancouver until after 8pm! I love the longer days that spring and summer bring. I have so much more energy and want to play outside more which is always a good thing!

Spring weather also means more produce is in-season and I love that! I recently found a great resource online that discusses all the local produce that’s currently in-season. I think they update the list every month so you can always find out  what’s in season and buy that inexpensively and locally! I love eating with what’s in season. In this modern era we have become to used to eating everything all year round (I’m looking at you green bananas in December) but if we truly want to eat local, we have to make some sacrifices. Plus it’s not the best idea to buy something that was grown elsewhere and traveled thousands of miles to make it to your plate. I would much rather eat a summer carrot grown in the lower mainland than a winter avocado grown in Mexico.

Here is the guide to BC in-season produce this April! http://about.spud.com/blog-season-guide-april-bc/

Right now is the time to stock up on local apples, asparagus, arugula, beets, mushrooms, and spinach to name a few. YUM!

Be sure to check back with Spud throughout the year to discover what’s currently in season in beautiful British Columbia!


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