Welcome to the winter edition of Vancouver farmer’s markets! We are so lucky here in Vancouver that there are markets to visit every week almost year round. There are a few week hiatus’ during the shoulder seasons but otherwise these farmers are committed!

If you’ve never been to your local market, the first thing you want to do is google it to see when and where it happens. Search {you city name} farmer’s market. In Vancouver you can find the information here.

Not all cities will have them in the winter like we do, but in my experience most have something in the winter but it may be smaller in scale and less fresh food and more preserved food.

When we hit one of our markets this time of year, we usually stock up on a few favorite items:

We love squash all year round but we do try to buy our produce in season and this is squash’s prime. They are great baked in the oven with a little oil. We make soups, have some with breakfast and even use them in decoration. There is literally so much you can do with squash!

Brussel sprouts are another favorite and should be really easy to find in northern markets like ours in Canada. Brussel sprouts are soooo good baked or pan fried. Try pan frying them with bacon fat, you will not be disappointed!

We also find winter a good time to stock up on greens like kale and swiss chard. Swiss chard is also so delicious. Again we like to keep it simple and just pan fry the chard in a little avocado oil and finish with salt and lemon juice. Yum! Or try kale chips if you’ve never had them before. Google it and you’ll find so many recipes. Very simple!

Those are a few of our winter favorites! What do you buy at your winter market?

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