I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful spring! It’s been fantastic here in Vancouver and we are walking and biking every where we can with no regrets. YOLO.

So we promised to share some of the weapons we have in our health arsenal for feeling our best. Fresh local food is #1 on this list, hence farmer’s markets. But health goes byond food and it’s so important to also stay hydrated. Going a day without litres of water is literally impossible for us and it should be for you too. One way to help you monitor how much water you’e drinking is to have some sort of huge vessel you drink out of and can measure how much water you’ve had. Enter our beautiful copper pitcher by local company Shantiva. We got the 2.1 litre version and we live together, so together we aim to drink two of these pitchers a day. 2 L of water each. Sometimes Mel drinks 3 L but she finds she feels best after 2. Definitely play around and see what works for you. The cool thing about this pitcher is that in addition to being a great visual reminder to drink more water, it has tons of health benefits.

From their website:

“Copper is anti-bacterial, acts as an effective anti-oxidant, improves immunity, supports good health, prevents aging, eliminates toxins and free radicals, and stimulates the brain. Because copper is naturally anti-bacterial, our copper vessels are also naturally self-sterilizing.”

How cool is that?! It also make alkaline water and we’re all about balancing the body’s pH. As recommended by Shantiva (we met the owner Jess at a farmer’s market over the chard, lol), we fill the pitcher before bed and let it overnight. In the morning, viola, you have alkaline water. We then fill it a second time around 2pm (we both work from home). You could bring yours to work or just drink from it when you’re home and bring a bottle of it to the office. There are lots of way to make it work!

Definitely test out this pitcher if you’re interested in something beautiful with health benefits! We’re really happy with ours and it can’t imagine life before it.

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