We’re back with more ideas for winter markets! We told you about a few of our favorite items back in January and now we’re back to expand that list!

So maybe you’ve been eating squash and chard for months on end (guilty) and you want to switch it up. Now is a great time to crack open those preserved foods you’ll find at markets. They might include some produce from summer you’ve been missing like cucumber, tomato and asparagus. Treat yo self and get one of those! Or maybe you can find some yummy canned jam to top your fresh loaf of bread with. Try that too! If it sells at your market, our moto is we will try anything once. And some markets have samples so that’s a great way to test product without committing to buying a whole can or what have you.

Bread is another great one you can find year round and is always in season. We’re big fans of sourdough – there’s nothing quite like it. Definitely pop by the baked goods vendors and see if they have something that interests you!

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